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 Among others simulation helps for the:

Key Features

Case Study

The business process for the following case study is modelled using YAWL (see for more information). Note that the simulator is constructed independant of the modelling language, i.e. any arbitrary modelling language can be used. 

The process

The work-flow for a Hardware Repair Service Company (HRS). The HRS company receives repair orders via the internet or via telephone. After receiving the  Hardware the repair phase starts. This phase may include up to three different tasks namely: repairing a computer, replacement of a Hardware, or the repair of a Peripheral.

The workflow for a Hardware Repair Shop specified in YAWL.


The Simulation Scenario

The aim of the following simulation study is to define the number of people required to work in the customer service area and in the Hardware-Repair Shop in order to minimize waiting times for computers stored in the HRS company and hence to reduce logistic costs and to improve the customer satisfaction by returning the repaired or replaced Hardware as soon as possible. Per definition waiting times (before executing an available task) of up to 10 minutes are accepted.

The Simulation model setup

The Simulation model is defined via the above work-flow and

The relevant subset for the annotation of the above work-flow is: 

Simulation Experiments  


Hardware-Department: Number of Employees


Customer Service Department: Number of employees


Initial Experiment


repair Computer, replace Hardware, repair Peripheral

   1  manual database update, inform customer, request delivery

Second Experiment


repair Computer, replace Hardware, repair Peripheral

   1  manual database update, inform customer, request delivery

Third Experiment


repair Computer, repair Peripheral


manual database update, inform customer, request delivery, replace Hardware


For the experiments the number of employees responsible to repair the Hardware is increased from two to five. As no waiting times are observed in the Customer Service area  it is decided that one person is sufficient. Additionally the experiments reveal that the utilisation in the Customer-Service is low so that the responsibility for the task “Replace-Hardware” is shifted from the Hardware Department to the Customer Service area.

The Results: The first graph shows how the waiting times and throughput to handle 100 customer requests changes between the different experiments. The waiting times for the first and second experiment increases constantly whereas there are no waiting times for the third experiment.The second graph shows how the throughput increases from around 100 cases in 3900 minutes (for the first experiment) up to around 100 cases in 1570 minutes (for the third experiment). 

Machine Learning Support

Generally it is complicated to find a priori the parameters for a simulation set up to answer business questions. The examle above is trivial to experiment but for more complex examples this is not the case and additionally it is time consuming. Therefore an intelligent  tool which allows to find an approximate solution for the parameter settings automatically would be desirable.

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